Silvia Membrano

Silvia Membreno joined Moore Rabinowitz Law in 2020. Ms. Membreno is Ms. Moore’s paralegal focusing on marital and family law matters.

Ms. Membreno has worked in the legal field since 2008. Although Ms. Membreno has worked primarily in the family law arena, she also has valuable experience in a variety of other legal areas such as criminal law, bankruptcy, civil litigation, foreclosures, and community association law. Ms. Membreno draws from her vast legal experience which she earned from years of working at reputable south Florida law firms.

Silvia’s experience at well-respected law firms has crafted her professional skills to be client centered and team focused. Silvia maintains client confidences and she has a reputation of exceeding everyone’s expectations. Silvia’s professionalism and sincerity build lasting, valuable, and sincere relationships.

Silvia was born in Nicaragua before immigrating to New York where she grew up in Queens. In 2008, Silvia and her family relocated from New York to Florida. Silvia graduated in 2014 with her Bachelor’s in Legal Studies from Keiser University. When Silvia is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, organizing, and creating new inspirations with makeup.

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